The Conference

Australia’s first national investigative journalism conference will bring together industry professionals and journalism academics to explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for investigative journalism.

Top investigative journalists across the TV, radio and print mediums will give you an insight into how they work, recounting step by step how they have broke stories that have made headlines, changed laws and exposed waste and corruption in some of our most respected institutions.The keynote speaker at the conference will be Robert Rosenthal, Executive Director of the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley, California. Mr Rosenthal began his career at the New York Times, where he worked as editorial assistant on the team that broke the Pentagon Papers. He subsequently became executive editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer and managing editor of the San Francisco Chronicle before joining the Center for Investigative Reporting in 2008.Robert Rosenthal will speak about the future of investigative journalism and what he describes as the transformational model of collaborative, multi platform journalism that the Center has pioneered.

The conference will delve into other key themes facing investigative journalists today, including the changing nature of relationships with sources – focusing particularly on issues of trust, credibility and legal protection; and “getting the story out” – how media organisations can find new ways of telling investigative stories across multiple platforms to maximise their impact.Running parallel to the guest speaker program, Back to the Source will also provide participants with the opportunity to attend hands-on, practical workshops to further develop journalistic techniques in areas such as data journalism and data visualisation.

The conference is organised by the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ). It will be held at the University of Technology, Sydney. UTS is located close to the Sydney CBD and public transport.


For any inquiries regarding the Back to the Source conference, please contact:

Tom Morton, Director, ACIJ
02 9514 1317
+61 (0) 402 610 656


The Friday program will take place at the ABC:

Eugene Goossens Hall
Australian Broadcasting Corporation
700 Harris St, Ultimo, Sydney

The Saturday program will take place at UTS:

Building 2 (enter through Tower building 1), level 4 (foyer level), Room 13 (CB02.04.13)
University of Technology
15 Broadway, Sydney